Missing 3-year-old choked to death on milk, her foster father tells police

WION Web Team
Texas, United StatesUpdated: Oct 25, 2017, 05:39 AM IST

While the cause of her death was still being probed, the community and neighborhoods all across Texas are shocked, heartbroken, angry and mourning her death. Photograph:(Others)

Just a day after the body of three-year-old, Sherin Mathews, was discovered in Richardson, Texas, police informed that the father, Wesley Mathews, altered his statement and admitted that he had “removed the body” of his adopted daughter from his house after she choked to death on milk.

Authorities confirmed on Tuesday that the body discovered by officers and search dogs while inspecting a culvert near Spring Valley, just half a mile away from Sherin's home in a tunnel beneath a road, was her's. 


Wesley Mathews, who hails from Kerala, was booked into the Richardson City Jail on a USD one million bond. (Others)



Mathews releaved in a police report that his daughter “wouldn’t listen to him” when he initially tried to feed her milk. After she began to drink it on her own, Mathews “physically assisted” her until she “began to choke,” said the police on Tuesday.

“She was coughing and her breathing slowed,” the authorities informed. “Eventually, Wesley Mathews no longer felt a pulse on the child and believed she had died.”

Mathews had initially claimed that Sherin went missing after he sent her outside their home at around 3 am on October 7 as punishment for not drinking her milk.

Wesley has been charged with first-degree felony injury to a child and is held on a bond of $1 million. He is reportedly lodged in Richardson City Jail.

State Child Protective Services took Wesley and his wife, Sini Mathews', 4-year-old biological daughter from their home shortly after Sherin was announced missing. The judge told that the girl will remain in foster care until a custody hearing in November.