Swiss legal chief quits amid FIFA controversy

Switzerland's top prosecutor resigned Friday following a drawn-out controversy over his handling of a corruption investigation targeting FIFA, citing a court ruling partially upholding accusations…

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The unique vantage point: Pilot Heijst captures world's wonders from his window seat

Christiaan van Heijst, a 34-year-old pilot is an award-winning aviation photographer ||With more than 7000 hours in his logbook, he is one of the few who has mastered the art of capturing the…

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Hindus and Muslims break bread together on iftaar

Inter-faith iftaar helps to bring Hindus and Muslims together ||It breaks stereotypes surrounding Muslims ||It challenges the image of Muslim women as subjugated ones

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JUST FALAFEL not only in just UAE! Read Article

You can now stay in a real life Igloo in this snow village in Manali

This summer vacation plan a trip to Manali and stay in an igloo ||The Igloo can house two people at a time

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A cup of coffee too 'beautiful' to drink

You would never want to drink it but save and keep Read Article

Food trend alert: Black ice cream cone

Food trend alert: Black ice cream cone Read Article

106-year-old Mastanamma's YouTube channel will make you fall in love with cooking

Mastanamma cooks with the freshest ingredients, procured locally ||Using her love for cooking, Mastanamma creates the most delectable traditional dishes.? ||She is one of the oldest YouTube stars…

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Thailand to get a Michelin Guide

This comes just days after the military government announced they would shut down Bangkok's vibrant, world-famous street food scene Read Article

Roller skating in the Himalayas

Forget the sites associated with Gandhi, Nehru or even Hanuman. On my little Shimla journey I tasted some real India magic on roller skates Read Article

A heartwarming story of two Ohio sisters, Alyssa and Annalicia, takes over the internet

Alyssa tweeted: 'My sister has been in this world for 18 years and today is the first time she has been offered a menu at a restaurant' Read Article

NASA satellite orbiting Mars dodges planet's moon with rare evasive manoeuvre

Boosting the satellite's speed by 1.3 metres a second was needed to slightly shift MAVEN's orbit, and steer clear of the Martian moon… Read Article

How two brothers are documenting National Parks in United States

Will Pattiz & Jim Pattiz started this as a passion project and have built it as a self-sustaining business Read Article

Driving in India: An invisible order

Western people think roads in India are just insane jungles. Well they're not totally wrong, but under the chaos are lessons worth emulating Read Article

Britain to construct tunnel under Stonehenge

The move is aimed at protecting the site which faces damage because of choked traffic at the nearby A303 highway Read Article