'Frozen 2' review: Elsa and Anna grow up and take charge of things

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New DelhiWritten By: Shomini SenUpdated: Jan 30, 2020, 02:06 PM IST


Story highlights

'Frozen 2' picks up from where the first one ended. Its been three years since Elsa and Anna have been reunited and ruling over their Arendelle

There was a time when Disney movies were all about the prince charming saving the girl of his dreams and walking into the sunset for a happily ever after. For a generation who grew up watching Disney films, the idea of a fairytale fantasy was typical. A damsel in distress, trying to find her way, being targetted by an evil witch and how a handsome prince would come and rescue her from all troubles and miseries. Year after year, Disney churned out similar stories. And we all grew up with a skewed sense of a perfect fairytale. But in 2013, with 'Frozen', Disney tried to change its narrative. 

'Frozen' gave millions of young girls a new hero to look up to. Here was a story of a sister, trying to correct things and find her recluse elder sister, who had escaped to a faraway land unable to cope with her magical powers. Complete with visuals effects, soulful music, and superb animation- 'Frozen' made its place in every little girl's heart. 

Six years after Elsa and Anna found each other and more importantly sisterly love, Disney has come back with the sequel- 'Frozen 2'. And it's just as magical as the first one was with an important message for its young fans. 

'Frozen 2' picks up from where the first one ended. Its been three years since Elsa and Anna(Kristen Bell) have been reunited and ruling over their Arendelle. But Elsa keeps hearing a voice that beckons her to head towards the enchanted forest to find out the origin of her superpowers. Together with Anna, Kristoff(Jonathan Groff), Olaf(Josh Gad), and Seven, Elsa embarks on a journey beyond Arendale to find out about her origins and set a few things straight. 

Directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee keep the magic intact and with some spectacular camera work and animation create an awe-inspiring world on the big screen. 'Frozen 2' works on so many levels. Just like its prequel, this film too has some beautiful soulful songs all thanks to the beautiful voice of Idina Menzel (who does the voice over for Elsa). The songs take the narrative forward and are complemented with brilliant visuals.  The animation, the visual effects are almost real-life creating a mystical mesmerizing land for the audience. 

None of the songs, though, have the charm of 'Let It Go' from the first film, which became a smash hit.

While the visual appeal and the music are bound to impress one and all, it the story that is the actual winner. A more mature take at sisterhood and life and inevitability- the film has Elsa and Anna growing stronger as individuals and as a family. For once, Disney has a story of two women trying to make sense of the responsibility that lies ahead of them and not about a woman running into a man's arm for happiness. And that's perhaps is the biggest win for 'Frozen 2'- Elsa and Anna find happiness in their achievements and struggles, they make peace with their past and correct things that have been wrong for years. Of course, there Kristoff waiting in the wings to pop the question to Anna, but the film gives more focus on Anna's obsession to protect her big sister than her love story with Kristoff. 

The two women create their path, find their calling, lead by example and own up to their mistakes even- how an ideal role model should be. And that's perhaps why 'Frozen 2' works the most. From sisterhood to braving the storm together as one unit, to even give each other the freedom to find one's calling- 'Frozen 2' serves it all- sprinkled with magical snowflakes.