WATCH: Justin Bieber plays solo Beethoven, Beatles in Toronto bar

New DelhiUpdated: Nov 07, 2016, 08:40 PM IST

Justin will perform live at DY Patil Stadium, Mumbai, on May 10. Photograph:(Getty)

Canadian mega-star Justin Bieber came alone to a Toronto bar, where he ordered a beer and watched some basketball, the CBC reports.

The host of the Fifth Pubhouse bar, Dale McDermott, said it took him a little while before he recognised the super celeb, CBC reports. "It was surreal." 

"We're a sports bar, and the Raptors game was on. He came in to watch the game," he said.

The two began a conversation. Bieber reportedly asking McDermott about his hometown Dublin, Ireland. McDermott told the CBC, "He was very friendly and kind". Bieber even mimicked his Irish accent.

When The Biebs noticed a grand piano, he asked to play a few songs and was, of course, granted permission. 

He played Let It Be, his own song Sorry, and some of Beethoven's Fur Elise.

Watch the full performance here:

McDermott reflected on his experience meeting Bieber on the social media platform, Twitter.



Bieber has had some high-profile meltdowns in the past, but on this night, the pub owner told CBC that Bieber was gracious to customers and staff.