Wagner Group defector recalls horrific killings of non-submissive fighters in Ukraine

Washington, US Edited By: Heena SharmaUpdated: Feb 01, 2023, 08:58 PM IST
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Wagner Group defector recalls horrific killings of non-submissive fighters in Ukraine Photograph:(Twitter)

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Former Wagner mercenary narrated his experience from ground zero where he spoke about the brutality inflicted by the group on its non-submissive fighters. 

The Russia-Ukraine war will complete one year on February 24 this year, however, there is no end in sight with many still unsure of what the future holds for them. Amid the bomb shellings and the sanctions since Russia invaded Ukrainian territory a year ago, stories emerge from the battleground every now and then that shake people to their core. In an interview with CNN, a former Wagner mercenary narrates his experience from ground zero where he speaks about the brutality he witnessed in Ukraine. Andrei Medvedev, who is presently seeking asylum in Norway's Oslo, talked at length and gave an insider story about the Wagner group, a private military company which Russia is reportedly using to mobilise hundreds of mercenary soldiers. 

Andrei Medvedev shed light on how the Wagner fighters often have no clue when they are pushed into the battle. 26-year-old Medvedev, who joined the group as a volunteer, also described Wagner's behaviour towards the fighters as ruthless. 

He even went on saying, “They would round up those who did not want to fight and shoot them in front of newcomers." 

“They brought two prisoners who refused to go fight and shot them in front of everyone and buried them right in the trenches that were dug by the trainees.” Medvedev signed his contract in July 2022 and moved to Ukraine after 10 days of signing. He termed the Wagner group founders, Dmitry Utkin and Russian oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin, as “the devil”.

“If (Prigozhin) was a Russian hero, he would have taken a gun and run with the soldiers,” Medvedev said. The bitterness is mutual as Wagner earlier said that Medvedev “should have been prosecuted for attempting to mistreat prisoners”.

“There were more dead bodies and more, and more, people coming in. In the end, I had a lot of people under my command,” Medvedev said, adding, “I couldn’t count how many. They were in constant circulation. Dead bodies, more prisoners, more dead bodies, more prisoners.”


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