Ukraine war witness account: Indian students in Kharkiv put up a fight to reach borders for evacuation

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New DelhiWritten By: Prashasti Satyanand ShettyUpdated: Mar 03, 2022, 08:09 AM IST


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Many students are still trying to reach a safe place away from Kharkiv which is about an hour away from Russian borders.

As the situation in war-torn Ukraine is turning for the worse, Indian students stuck in Kharkiv have been advised to move to Pesochin according to the latest advisory issued by the embassy in Ukraine. Russia is pounding Kharkiv as part of its ongoing invasion.

Amid the Russian bombardment and before the advisory, the students were trying to board trains to reach Lviv and get closer to the border but were being pushed out.

"We were not being allowed to board trains, we were being pushed, not even the metros were safe for us now," said Khwaish Thapa, a medical student from Kharkiv.

Along with Indian students, there are Ukrainian nationals and others taking shelter in these metros, hoping to get a seat on every passing train.