Post election political chaos in US endangering its democracy

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Washington, United States Published: Nov 18, 2020, 10:28 PM(IST)

Joe Biden and Donald Trump Photograph:( AFP )

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With the aftereffects of the US election 2020 clear to any unprejudiced spectator, the path to a peaceful transition of power seems anything but certain

America has for some time been viewed as a guide for the free world, its quest for opportunity and freedom a focusing light for all to follow. In any case, that signal is projecting an alternate light, an admonition to the universe of the delicate idea of vote based system. 

With the aftereffects of the US election 2020 clear to any unprejudiced spectator, the path to a peaceful transition of power seems anything but certain.

The way that President Donald Trump won't recognize the desire of American electors isn't unexpected, yet the quantity of other Republican political pioneers supporting his unmerited paranoid fears and edgy endeavors to stick to control put the eventual fate of the American examination in question.

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After firing Defence Secretary Mark Esper, US President Donald Trump has now fired America's top cybersecurity official, Christopher Krebs.

"The recent statement by Chris Krebs on the security of the 2020 Election was highly inaccurate, in that there were massive improprieties and fraud," Trump wrote in a tweet.

He has also announced the pulling out of more troops from Afghanistan. The US plan is to reportedly bring back 2,500 troops from Afghanistan and 2,500 in Iraq by January 15. There are currently around 4,500 US troops in Afghanistan and 3,000 troops in Iraq.

The Taliban on Wednesday welcomed the Pentagon's announcement it would soon pull about 2,000 US troops from Afghanistan as a "good step" that will help end the country's long-running conflict.

However, in the deal between the US And the Taliban, Washington agreed to withdraw all US forces from Afghanistan by May 2021, given the Taliban fulfils Washington's conditions. As of today, the Taliban has not fulfilled those conditions.

Trump's lawyer Rudy Guliani was lambasted in a Pennsylvania court. The president himself was slammed by the former first lady- Michelle Obama for his refusal of moving forward with a transition of power.

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Taking a jibe at Trump for his unsubstantiated claims of victory in the US election 2020 and his refusal for vacating his seat, she said "Our democracy is so much bigger than anybody’s ego.”

The official progress measure has not formally begun in light of the fact that Trump has unjustifiably would not acknowledge President-elect Joe Biden's triumph. The proper progress is probably going to stay on hold until the political decision is ensured by a Trump nominee inside the General Services Administration in a cycle known as ascertainment. 

In an Instagram post, Obama said that it took "quality and development to set my outrage aside." In doing such, she continued to welcome Melania Trump to the White House. 

Obama said she addressed Trump's inquiries concerning "the elevated investigation that accompanies being a first woman to what exactly it resembles to bring kids up in the White House."

As per reports, Melania Trump has yet to invite first lady-elect, Jill Biden, to the White House to proceed with the convention.

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