COVID-19: Doctors, nurses and service delivery men take up dancing, music to lift their spirits up at work

WION Web Team New Delhi Mar 23, 2020, 07.15 PM(IST)

Screen grabs of medical professionals dancing via Twitter Photograph:( Twitter )

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As people are observing social distancing, dance and music on social media have not only become a tool to spread awareness but also lifting spirits up of caregivers.

Health care professionals and service delivery personnel are at the forefront in this battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. As most cities across the world have ordered a lockdown, it is these people who are working tirelessly and helping humanity.

Now, working day and night for long hours can be tiring, boring and can affect even mental health even. And so, many doctors and nurses in various parts of the world are resorting to dance moves as a means to keep their spirits up. On Twitter, videos of doctors and nurses dressed in layers of protective gear can be seen having a bit of fun in hospital wards.


Not just doctors, people in some cities are using state-sponsored Coronavirus anthems to make TikTok videos and further spread a word of caution to their followers.

In fact on the social media app, people are making dance trends go viral thanks to COVID-19.

One of these dances features the Vietnamese song 'Ghen' (which means 'Jealous' in English) by singers Erik and Min, remixed by Vietnam's Ministry of Health.

The song's lyrics ask people to take necessary steps against the coronavirus.


The song was picked up by Internet star Quang Đăng who then recorded a dance to the catchy tune, leading to a viral trend on TikTok.

The video became so famous that it made its way to John Oliver's show 'Last Week Tonight'.

Vietnam's government isn't the only one recording dances to motivate people to maintain hygiene.

Philippines' Department of Health also recorded something similar showcasing similar protective measures that citizens can take.


While there are awareness videos that are trending, there are also videos of service delivery personnel who are doing the rounds of the internet.

A video of drivers for a parcel delivery service in Bergamo, Italy singing "the only people who don't give in are us" is doing the rounds of the internet.

Bergamo is one of the worst-hit by coronavirus and these drivers have been working extra hours. So a song to lift their spirits up was just about the right move, we'd say.


The video has around 50 workers joining in as they pack parcels in a warehouse.