China: 7 dead in mine blast; 60 miners killed in a week

WION Beijing, China Dec 07, 2016, 05.10 AM(IST)

A file photograph. Photograph:( Reuters )

Seven coal miners have died and another four have been injured after a gas explosion in the central Hubei province in China, Associated Press reported today. 

Rescue efforts are underway with rescuers trying to help the trapped and trying to pump in air into the mine shaft, AP said.  

Five miners managed to flee immediately;the number of people working in the mine is not known.

This is the third major mining accident in China this week. A total of 60 people have died in all the explosions. 

Previously, thirty two people were declared dead in an explosion at a coal mine in north China's Inner Mongolia region. 

As many as 21 people were declared dead in a coal mine explosion last Tuesday. 

A slate of gas explosions in the world's largest producer of coal has called for stringent measures to priortise safety over profits.