Autumn in Kashmir, Valley turns red as tourists throng to witness colour changes

Written By: Idrees Lone WION
Srinagar Published: Nov 15, 2021, 06:38 PM(IST)

Kashmir Valley Photograph:( WION )

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The government has also announced special discounts and offers for tourists coming to the Kashmir Valley during the autumn season. 

The Kashmir Valley witnesses a magical change in colours during the autumn season. The fall splashes the Valley with red colour. The majestic chinar trees look as if they have been decorated with layers of colours  and to witness these beautiful visuals thousands of tourists are visiting the Valley. 

The red leaves cover the landscape of Kashmir Valley like a carpet. The Nishat Garden, Naseem Bagh and Chinar Bagh are full of tourists taking pictures in these breathtakingly beautiful locations. The scenes these tourists have only seen in Bollywood movies.

''We are feeling as if we are in heaven, If there is paradise on earth it's Kashmir. People who want to experience paradise should visit. The gardens here are Gulmarg and Pahalgam. There is a different beauty to Autumn, we have only seen this in movies. The red coloured trees are looking beautiful. '' said Damodar Agarwal, a tourist. 

Some of the tourists visiting the Valley have only read about the beautiful autumn season but have never seen it since the rest of India does not have four seasons like the Kashmir Valley. 

Kashmir Valley

''It's very beautiful. We don't get to see these seasonal changes where we live and this looks like a movie. It looks like a set. We had studied about autumn but now we are witnessing it. It's beautiful. We had missed a lot in life but finally, we are here. '' said Maulina Agarwal, tourist. 

The government has also announced special discounts and offers for the tourists coming to the Valley during the autumn season.

Kashmir Valley 

''We have visited thrice before this, it is our fourth trip but in autumn we have come for the first time and of course, in autumn it's very cold but bearable but a beautiful experience. It's really a paradise,'' said Satish Modi, Tourist. 

There are very few places across the world which are so exotic in every season of the year and Kashmir is one of them.

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