Larry King's wife Shawn King plans to contest his will in court

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New DelhiUpdated: Feb 16, 2021, 01:40 PM IST


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King died on Jan. 23 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, just five months after his daughter Chaia's death. He was 87.

Larry King's wife Shawn has plans to contest his will. According to ET, that the late TV personality amended his will in 2019 leaving his $2 million estate to his five children, two of whom are now deceased. Shawn was not included in the amendment. Though, it does mention his now-deceased children Chaia and Andy as beneficiaries along with the 3 remaining ones, Larry King, Jr., Cannon, and Chance. Larry shared Cannon and Chance with Shawn

The will is dated October 17, 2019, per multiple reports; King filed for divorce from Shawn two months earlier, in August 2019, after 22 years of marriage. According to ET's source, Shawn plans to contest the will in court. 

The broadcast legend's handwritten will was recently revealed. King stated in his amended will that he wanted his kids to get all of his fortunes and divide them equally. Sadly in 2020, King's 65-year-old son, Andy, died in July while his 51-year-old daughter, Chaia, died a month later.

According to People magazine, King allegedly wrote in the document, "This is my Last Will & Testament. It should replace all previous writings. In the event of my death, any day after the above date I want 100% of my funds to be divided equally among my children Andy, Chaia, Larry Jr., Chance & Cannon.".

Shawn stated that she and her husband spoke daily and claimed she was never made aware of an amendment to his will. Not only has the will become complicated by the deaths of his children in 2020, but King also told Page Six before his death that he and Shawn had once again become close, though it`s unclear whether divorce was taken off the table.

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Shawn told ET that her late husband died from a sepsis infection, unrelated to COVID-19. That cause of death was later confirmed by his death certificate. 

"It was an infection, it was sepsis," she shared. "Well, he was finally ready to go, I will tell you that. You know, he never wanted to go but his sweet little body was just, it had just been hit so many times with so many things and once we heard the word COVID, all of our hearts just sunk. But he beat it, you know, he beat it, but it did take its toll and then the unrelated infection finally is what took him, but boy, he was not gonna go down easily."