Jackie Chan's memoir on his younger days of addiction and cheating on his wife

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New Delhi, Delhi, India Updated: Dec 03, 2018, 07:04 PM(IST)

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Chan states how he was a poor, uncultured man in his early years who was just interested in alcohol, sex with prostitutes and money.

He is one of the most loved actors across the world but personally, superstar Jackie Chan seemed to have had a troubled life. 
In his memoir 'Never Grow Up', which can easily be termed as an explosive account, Chan has confessed of being terrible to his former girlfriends and has opened up about being a bad father, his rage issues and his controversial sexual partners.

Chan states how he was a poor, uncultured man in his early years who was just interested in alcohol, sex with prostitutes and money. The actor admits that he would gamble away money by sleeping around- especially with a prostitute whom he called as 'Number Nine'. 

Recalling how terrible he was to his first girlfriend, whom he met long before he became famous in Hollywood, Chan admits that he would not spend enough time with her. He confesses that how he would drink all day with friends and when he'd find her at home waiting for him, he would leave and go gamble to avoid spending time with her.

His following relationships also went similarly, states a report in Daily Mail. When Chan dated Taiwanese actress Teresa Teng, whom he calls 'a very classy lady, he says admits he was inadequate in comparison and thus purposely acted sloppy at fancy places, just to embarrass her with his lack of manners.

“I behaved so badly because of my deep insecurities. Ever since I was a little boy I’d been looked down on by rich kids,” Chan writes in his book. “Any whiff of snobbishness or superiority set me on edge. This attitude reflected my relationship with Teresa. But it wasn’t her fault. She’d done nothing wrong and I’d been horribly unfair to her.”

The actor also admits that he sabotaged his relationship with future wife Joan Lin sheerly out of his own self-doubt and immaturity. Calling Lin "the love of my life," Chan admits that he worked throughout her pregnancy. 

The couple got married in 1981 at a coffee shop in Los Angeles and while she was pregnant and alone in California, Chan would be working elsewhere. 

Chan states that his sexist friends told him that Lin was in the relationship because of his money and he believed them. It was only after a few years, that Chan did introspection and realized they were wrong. 
Chan even cheated on her with actress and former Miss Asia Elaine Ng — who he also impregnated.

His affair with Ng quickly became public, causing Chan to tell his fans at the time: “I have made a mistake that many men in the world make.”

Chan writes, “I was selfish and didn’t know how to empathize with others. I was also too easily influenced. Yet Joan set me free to make my own way. I respect her a lot and am grateful to her for sacrificing so much for me.”

Chan also admitted he was an alcoholic and had tempers issues. He writes, how during a heated fight with Lin, he acted aggressively towards his baby son Jaycee and was compelled to reevaluate his life after that incident. Looking at his reflection in the mirror, he said to himself: “‘You’re a real bastard.”

While Chan candidly talks about his mistakes, the memoir does not mention his bitter relationship with daughter Etta Ng, who has in earlier interviews admitted that her parents alienated her days after she came out to them. 

“I’ve done well by a lot of people but not my own family,” Jackie Chan admitted in his book. “I’ve not been a good father or a good husband but I did my duty to my son and his mother.”

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