Watch: World's tallest sandcastle constructed in Denmark, with a theme on Covid pandemic

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NEW DELHI Updated: Jul 08, 2021, 12:07 PM(IST)

World's tallest sand sculpture built with COVID-19 theme Photograph:( Twitter )

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At a height of 21.16 metres, and standing 3.5m higher than the previous record holder, the world's tallest sandcastle was unveiled in Denmark.

A sandcastle in Denmark has established a new Guinness World Record of 21.16 metres, which is 3.5m taller than the previous record of 17.66m set in Germany in 2019.

The structure is built in the shape of a triangle to avoid collapsing like many others have. A wooden structure was built around it to allow the artist to carve the incredible figures in the sand. 

This highly decorated monument in the small seaside village of Blokhus, which is reminiscent of a pyramid, is made up of 4,860 tonnes of sand. 

To ensure the sand sticks on, it was mixed with around 10% clay.

When everything is finished, an extra layer of adhesive was applied to ensure it will last for the duration of the winter.

Led by the seasoned artist Wilfred Stijger of Holland, 30 of the world's most gifted sand sculptors worked in the making of the giant structure. 

The Dutch designer said his creation was inspired by the coronaviurus pandemic.

He said he put a coronavirus pathogen as a crown atop the castle to illustrate how the virus is ruling our world, and not allowing us to do what we want to do.

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