8-year-old Texan girl uses her bionic hand for first time

Reuters AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES Aug 01, 2019, 01.30 PM(IST)

Born without her left arm below the elbow, 8-year-old Madeline "Mady" Gardner nevertheless enjoys playing flag football on the same team as her little brother Jackson, skiing and doing gymnastics. But there are a few things she struggles with, like putting her hair into a ponytail, reading books, playing golf and riding her bike. But this could all change thanks to her new bionic arm. The sleek prosthetic would not be out of place on a superhero like Iron Man, though - by her request - Mady's bionic arm is bright pink. Developed by British company Open Bionics, which recently launched in the US, the "Hero Arm" is billed as the world's first multi-grip bionic arm for children as young as 8-years-old. Mady, who lives in Austin, Texas, is currently the youngest person in the US to receive one. She quickly got to grips with the device and learnt how to switch between grips to hold a baseball and wave, as well as doing other simple things that she's never been able to do before with just one natural hand.