Juventus’ chief football officer warns Pogba on his transfer to Italian side

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New Delhi, Delhi, IndiaUpdated: May 04, 2020, 04:57 PM IST

Paul Pogba. Photograph:(AFP)

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Paratici has said this because the sport has faced a massive hit financially because of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Juventus’ chief football officer Fabio Paratici, Paul Pogba might not earn as much as he will earn he currently earns in Manchester United after his rumoured transfer with Juventus is successful.

Paratici has said this because the sport has faced a massive hit financially because of the coronavirus pandemic. Pogba has a massive pay-grade with the Red Devils but has been eyeing to move out of the Manchester since the past couple of years, the Frenchman expects a pay rise due to the transfer. 

According to an Italian media outlet, Paratici warned Pogba: "Paul Pogba is a fantastic player, we know him as a champion.

"But something will change after the coronavirus crisis because logically the salary demands someone at his level would have had before is now more difficult to get hold of. Or, at least, he’ll have fewer clubs prepared to pay that money."

On why Pogba couldn’t command the same wage as Cristiano Ronaldo, Paratici added: "Cristiano is a different player to all the others. He brings incredible and exponential growth in revenue, representing a brand that is almost as big as a club."

He continued: "Clubs will certainly have some more difficulties to deal with, so with less income, we’ll need to be more creative and elastic, finding a different formula for transfer deals. I expect many exchanges of players, although obviously, we can’t use the NBA draft because that is a closed system.

"We should take more from the NBA and American sports in general. After all, the Premier League has this big advantage over the other leagues because they control the brand and represent the whole league rather than individual clubs.

"What we will see is more extended loans, so a two-year loan, even three. Some say we could start the 2020-21 season with the same players as 2019-20, which is also a possibility.

"There will certainly be less cash circulating and that’s obvious to everyone. We are going through a difficult moment globally, not just in football, and the consequences will be felt everywhere. Therefore, I think we’ll see longer loans because rather than purchase homes, people are more likely in a time of uncertainty to rent.

"I believe that if we exchange players between the top 12-15 clubs in the world, the value of the transfers won’t drop. When purchasing a new player, that’s a different matter and we can see a fall in the fees."