Opinion: Millie Bobby Brown is sunshine personified in Enola Holmes

New DelhiWritten By: Manas JoshiUpdated: Mar 13, 2021, 07:07 PM IST


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Enola Holmes may not get considered the greatest movie featuring Sherlock Holmes. But it doesn't attempt to be in the first place

Sherlock Holmes is a grand affair to start with. The pipe-smoking, mystery-solving, incredibly gifted detective has always been at the center in any movie/ series that features him.

And when another character manages to carry an entire movie on her able shoulders even when he is around, it is quite a feat.

Millie Bobby Brown does just that. Throughout Enola Holmes, she captures your attention and becomes an object of great affection from the very start.

Enola Holmes is Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes' sister. The feisty and as Mycroft Holmes describes, "unbroken" Enola Holmes is not the one to demurely learn embroidery and be ladylike as it was expected of women in older times in England. She fights, she deduces, she gets on top of things and gets them done. But the charm is unmissable. In attitude, she is much like Olenna Tyrrell from Game of Thrones.

Enola has a special bond with her mom (Helena Boham-Carter) who she credits for caring for her and for making her into a tough cooky she is. One fine morning, Enola's mom disappears and her world comes crashing down. Enola's search for her mother forms the basic theme of the movie and there's much more.

Unlike any other female leads in movies, Millie Bobby Brown does not become an object of desire. The movie steers clear of this beaten path maybe, in part, because of Brown's young age (She is 16) but definitely because the movie has a story to tell.

Brown does a fine job. It's hard to dominate a movie and frames when someone like Henry Cavill himself is playing Sherlock Holmes. But Brown does it. Enola Holmes has everything a Sherlock Holmes universe has had including aristocrats, killers, surprises, plot twists, but the focus is on Enola.

Yes, we do get glimpses of Sherlock's genius. The inept Scotland Yard Inspector Lestrade is there as well. For those who have read Sherlock Holmes stories, it's fun to spot nuances only they would get.

It's a delight to observe Henry Cavill get into the shoes of the detective, a role played by greats such as Jeremy Brett, Benedict Cumberbatch, Robert Downey Jr to name a few. In Enola Holmes, he takes a backseat but remains a commanding presence in control of things he does. He is outwitted by Enola eventually but doesn't mind losing to his sister.

Sweet execution of it all is what makes Enola Holmes a charming watch. The beauty of each frame brings out the dusty streets of 19th century London as it does the grandeur of aristocratic mansions and English countryside.

Louis Partridge adds a dash of interest to the mix as Lord Viscount Tewkesbury of Meriwether (Enola prefers 'Nincompoop'). The adorable teenage infatuation is unmissable but even here the movie doesn't go all-American way and plays it very very subtly.

Enola Holmes may not get considered the greatest movie featuring Sherlock Holmes. But it doesn't attempt to be in the first place. It surely comes as a sweet surprise and a pleasant watch.

Millie Bobby Brown is an actress to watch out for!

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