Six-year-old US boy who saved his sister from a dog attack celebrates Raksha Bandhan, see pics

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New Delhi Updated: Aug 05, 2020, 07:23 PM(IST)

Bridger Walker with his sister Photograph:( Instagram )

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Six-year-old Bridger Walker was hailed by one and all for saving his younger sister from a dog attack. He had got 90 stitches on his face.

Remember the six-year-old Bridger Walker who saved his younger sister from a dog attack and got 90 stitches on his face? His heroic deed was shared by his aunt in July and led to love adulation from all over the world for the little superhero.

What more the cast of Avengers too sent him words of encouragement and congratulated him for his heroic deed. Now, the brother-sister duo has celebrated the Indian festival of Rakshabandhan. A popular festival in India where sisters tie a sacred thread on brother's wrist as a sign of a lifetime bond. The brothers in return promise to protect their sisters their entire life.

The thought behind the festival clearly resonated with Bridger's parents as they made the two siblings celebrate the festival. The children's aunt took to Instagram to share images of the celebration and explained why the family decided to celebrate it.

"Bridger’s story has resonated with people across the world and has traveled to places like Mexico, Brazil, Ireland, Iran, South Africa, Japan, and India—just to name a handful. Our new connections to these places have allowed us to cross boundaries, unifying us in the love that a brother can have for his sister.

I know that my brother @robertwalker307 already made a similar post, but I would like to reiterate his thoughts: I recently learned about Raksha Bandhan. It’s a festival being celebrated today in India, Nepal, and regions of Pakistan. In the Hindi language, Raksha means “to protect,” and Bandhan means “bond.” During this festival, a sister ties a thread around her brother’s wrist as a symbol of their love and as a testament that the brother will protect his sister. I read that this action is also meant to protect the brother from bad influences. I love this sentiment of brothers and sisters caring for one another and find it very appropriate that we would get to celebrate Raksha Bandhan today," the caption read.


Bridger came between a dog and his sister and was bit by the animal on his cheek and head. The little boy had to get 90 stitches at the hospital and the entire procedure took around 2 hours to finish.

The Walker siblings had gone over to a neighbour's house and one of their dogs came at Bridger's sister. Bridger jumped in between in order to save his little sister. He later told his parents, "If someone had to die, I thought it should be me."

Moved by his heroic deed Hemsworth, Evans, Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner send him warm wishes and inducted him as part of the Avengers. Evans even sent him Captain America's costume and the shield along with an encouraging video message.

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