Maldives's Nasheed blames Yameen for anti-India sentiment; calls joining China's belt & road mistake

The Speaker of Maldives Parliament and the former President of the country Mohamed Nasheed has blamed opposition Abdulla Yameen for "fueling" the anti-India campaign in the country calling it a "fabricated issue". Speaking to our Principal Diplomatic Correspondent, Sidhant Sibal, Nasheed said, "people of Maldives will never, never back an India out campaign... Indian families, Indian doctors, Indian teachers, Indian accountants, and all this is contributing to our economic development." The Maldives President Solih recently issued a decree to ban anti India protest calling it a threat to national security. Police authorities also removed "India out' banners from Infront of the residence of Yameen, leader of opposition Progressive Party of Maldives or PPM.