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There will be no court cases in India if we have a happy lot of citizens: Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi

File photo: Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi. Photograph:( PTI )

WION Web Team New Delhi Jul 31, 2019, 03.51 PM (IST)

Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi on Wednesday said that if we can make the young generation of India to be happy, we can reduce the number of litigations in the country.

Speaking at the 'Happiness Education Conference' of the Delhi government, Gogoi said youths were unhappy and feel dejected, so having such an initiative was important.

"We go to school to learn something, be it History, Geography, Science, Maths etc, but what is the point behind gaining knowledge if we stay negative and unhappy? We won`t be able to contribute. Hence, a happiness curriculum has been introduced in the schools of Delhi. India as a country needs it." said Gogoi in his speech during the conference.

"As the Chief Justice of the country, I was thinking yesterday that if I have a happy lot of people in this country, my problem of litigation will be over. There will be no cases because everybody is happy," he added.

"And I have seriously thought about it, perhaps we can have something like happiness classes in our judicial academies also; without happiness, education can never be complete," said Gogoi.

CJI believes that happiness is not something that can be imbibed but it's a result of deep reflection. So many good and bad things happen to us every day, we should be thankful that at least one good thing happened to us during the entire day. 

According to Gogoi, there is a serious problem with the young generation today, they are a dejected lot. They are unhappy by seeing what is happening around us. Hence, the happiness curriculum is the need of the hour in schools. 

(With inputs from ANI)