WION Pitstop | 2022 Bajaj Pulsar N160 review

Over two decades and multiple generations, but still, whenever a new Pulsar comes into the market, it sizzles up the Indian two-wheeler space. I've been a fan of the Pulsar since it was first launched in 2001 -- that round-headlamp streetfighter look was unmatched! But that was a teenage boy lusting. Now a professional, having been in the business of reviewing motorcycles for a while, I've never been completely satisfied with any new generation of Pulsars. We tried the new platform in the form of the Pulsar N160, which has been launched in India recently. Now you must be thinking why Bajaj introduced the N160 when the NS160 was already, and still is, in the market. As per the company, the N160 is an all-new motorcycle which is developed from scratch and is quite different from its NS160 sibling. Before the ride, Bajaj told us that it is an entry-level sports bike and should not be considered a premium commuter. So, let's test this claim.