Testing Volkswagen Tiguan's off-roading abilities

When Volkswagen decided to get the Tiguan to India, the entire automotive fraternity was thrilled. However, things did not go exactly as planned for Volkswagen as the Tiguan did not really do well in terms of sales & volume numbers. So, was the Tiguan not marketed well or is it not a genuinely exciting product. Well, the first part can be figured out by marketing experts, Ashish Jha from WION Pitstop explores the second part of the question. Mr. Jha, on an experiential drive program organised by VW, tests Tiguan's driving dynamics & off-roading abilities under the supervision of an instructor. Check out how the VW Tiguan fared in this one....

Camera: Naushad Khan & Janmejoy Bhattacharjee
Video Editor: Mukesh Kumar
Producer: Al Ameen