Revolt RV400 review: India's first all-electric motorcycle

Revolt Intellicorp's much-awaited all-electric motorcycle, the RV400, has finally made its way to India. It will be initially available at four Revolt hubs in New Delhi and subsequently in Pune. One can own Revolt RV400 Base for INR 3,499 per month and Revolt RV 400 Premium for INR 3,999 per month. Under the My Revolt Plan (MRP), the owners will have to pay a total of 37 monthly instalments for each trim. The motorcycle offers a maximum speed of 85kmph in the Sport mode and range up to 150 kilometres in the Eco mode. It comes loaded with features like upsidedown front forks, rear adjustable monoshock, front & rear disc brakes, digital instrument cluster, and all-LED lights. Pitstop got a chance to ride the Revolt RV400 at a go-kart track and here's our first ride impression about India's first all-electric motorcycle.