India key development partner, Guyana's foreign minister Hugh Hilton

Guyana's foreign minister Hugh Hilton has lauded India's development role in his country. Speaking to our Principal Diplomatic Correspondent, Sidhant Sibal, Hilton said, "India is well-positioned in the development goals. We have great potential in terms of oil and gas, but we don't speak much on it. We focus on diversification and the sectors which have great potential and greater sustainability so for us, we see oil and gas as a gift". Since last year, India is looking to diversify their imports of crude oil and Todd believes that with Guyana’s resources, the two countries can reach an agreement in that sector. “India has purchased 1 million barrels of crude oil. Looking at that and also our market, that level of trade will be valuable, and it shall be beneficial for the people of Guyana as well as India.”