India: Another disturbing video emerges of Bengaluru woman being assaulted

New Delhi, Delhi, IndiaUpdated: Jan 04, 2017, 09:47 AM IST

The attack took place at about 2.30 am on New Year's day, and was caught on a CCTV camera installed in a house nearby. A few hours earlier, numerous women were assaulted by gangs of men in Bengaluru's city centre. Photograph:(ANI)

New Year's eve turned into a nightmare for several women in Bengaluru's city centre -- they were assaulted by gangs of men.

The assaults were caught on video.

Now, four days later, another disturbing video of a woman being assaulted has emerged from the city.

Footage from the video (below) is disturbing, and WION strongly recommends viewers exercise their discretion in choosing whether to watch it or not.  

The attack on the woman in the video was carried out by two men on a scooter.

The attack took place at about 2:30 am on New Year's day -- the same day the other women were attacked -- and was caught by a CCTV camera installed in a house nearby.

In the two-minute video, the two men on the scooter are seen crossing the woman as she is about to enter an alleyway. 

They double back after seeing her. 

The pillion rider gets off the scooter and walk to the woman. 

He then puts his arms around her. As the embrace (for want of a better word) continues, the woman can be seen struggling to get away from the attacker. 

She slaps him. 

The attacker then drags her towards the scooter, where he seems to grope her even more viciously. 

It is difficult to tell but, at this point, it seems like the other man on the scooter -- the one riding it -- also joins in the assault.  

Finally, they throw her to the ground before fleeing on their scooter. 

In the other attacks which took place on New Year's eve in Bengaluru's city centre, numerous women were assaulted by gangs of men. (India's cities are not especially safe places for women.) 

There was widespread outrage after the attacks, especially because the police were seen as not doing enough. 

The police have since said they have found "credible evidence" -- the attacks were caught on video -- and that they have filed a first information report.  

There is no guarantee however that that will be enough and the police, and Bengaluru's citizenry, will have to do much more, especially if Bengaluru is to recover the tag that it so proudly used to carry -- "A city that was safe for women".