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Study says swallowable balloons work to curb obesity

In a small trial,42 obese patients ,29 men and 13 women,?were fitted with balloons that were swallowed before being inflated with liquid || ||The balloons remained in the stomach for 16 weeks,…

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Finding love in furry friends

Pet therapy helps people relax, find comfort, recover from serious illnesses and stay happier in general. ||Studies show that being close to an animal reduces stress ||Need for sensitisation…

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Widow of Chapeco plane crash victim rebuilds life by taking his job

Sirli Freitas lost her husband in the air crash that wiped out Brazil's Chapecoense football club||Cleberson Silva was the press secretary for what was then known as Brazilian football's…

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What if you had to accept Terms of Services before you engaged in sexting?

New ad campaign titled ?Uncertain Terms? is aimed at making teens aware of sexual exploitation Read Article

Obsessed with sex, male snakes die faster than females

The females, on the other hand, prioritise body maintenance over short-term reproductive success Read Article

Brain implant lets paralysed man feed himself using his thoughts

The sensors record brain signals created when Kochevar imagines moving his arm, and relay them to a computer Read Article

Are you kinky? It might be good for you

The Kinky Collective is trying to raise awareness, understanding, and acceptance of BDSM and kink in India Read Article

Closer you live to busy road, higher the chance of dementia

A study in the Lancet found people who lived within 50 metres of high-traffic roads had a 7% higher chance of developing dementia Read Article

Feeling of discrimination can take away your sleep: Study

Higher discrimination scores were associated with 12 per cent higher odds of poor sleep efficiency Read Article

German hospital uses therapy to 'treat' paedophiles

The programme is offered in 11 centres across Germany Read Article

Universal vaccine developed to protect against influenza

Two types of influenza vaccine is developed, one is universal and the other protects against influenza virus particular to the US Read Article

Changes to city design can have 'significant' impact on health: Study

The Lancet reports a more compact city could lead to reductions in non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular illnesses and diabetes Read Article

Cannabis: The new California gold rush

The initiative to fully legalise the drug is expected to transform California into an epicentre for cannabis bringing in billions in revenue Read Article

Men could conceive their own babies one day, promising research suggests

A man or a woman can conceive a child by fertilising their reproductive cells with a 'normal' cell from their own body, a recent research… Read Article

Courteney Cox regrets procedures to fight ageing

'Getting older has not been... I don't think it's the easiest thing. But I have learned lessons,' Courteney Cox said Read Article