WION Dispatch: Taiwan artists draw presidential candidates in contrasting mediums

Updated: Jan 09, 2020, 07:09 PM(IST)

One paints with his fingers and the other in Japanese Manga style. Two Taiwanese artists divided by age, geography and art forms, depict the drama in the self-ruled island's political scene ahead of a heated presidential election. Kuang Yi, who calls himself the 'mad artist', paints with the most basic tools available, his hands. On the other side of the island, in the northern city of Taoyuan, manga artist Wei Zong-cheng takes a less neutral approach. While Tsai is coloured green, the DPP's colour, Han is shaded purple rather than the Kuomintang's blue. #Taiwan #TaiwanArtist #TaiwanElections #MadArtist

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