Sarwar Jahan Chowdhury

Sarwar Jahan Chowdhury

Management professional

Sarwar Jahan Chowdhury is Head of Operations at BRAC Institute of Governance and Development, Bangladesh.


Opinion: Bad governance and rigged elections in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, a genuine election is necessary for the greater and collective well being the country and its people Read Article

Rohingyas: Insurgents or Terrorists

While both insurgency and terrorism advocate violence as a form of political act, there are fundamental differences between the two. Read Article

Rohingya: Why India should side with Bangladesh and not Myanmar

India?s massive stake in the Middle East and South Asia might be harmed for its direct or indirect support in Rohingya genocide and expulsion. Read Article

No country for a Rohingya

There isn?t?much hope for the destitute and internationally abandoned Rohingyas - the most persecuted community in the world as declared by the UN. Read Article

The war over Hilsa: Bangladesh and India enter a claim game over GI status of common products

GI status of a unique commodity, which is produced in two or more post colonial countries, should collectively belong to all these countries. Read Article

Why a war between India and China is bad for Bangladesh

Bangladesh needs investment and military equipment from China but it can't offend India either. Read Article

Absence of good governance is discouraging investment in Bangladesh

Coupled by the power crisis, the practices?of bribing have increased the investment cost of domestic investors. They are unsure of the recovery of… Read Article

Awami League's flirting with Hefazat is dangerous for Bangladesh

The government removed the 'Bengalised' statue of Greek goddess Themis from the Supreme Court on demand of the Islamist group Hefazat-e-Islam||It is now discovered that the statue was…

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Bangladesh: Is recognising Qawmi Madrasas mainstreaming or appeasement?

This follows a meeting with Qawmi Madrasa Education Board?& leaders of the orthodox Hefazat-i-Islami ||Teachings focus on: Quran, Hadith, Islamic jurisprudence, Islamic theology, Islamic…

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Why a long-term defence pact with India is not in Bangladesh?s interest

Dhaka and New Delhi should instead agree on friendly coexistence and cooperation in countering terrorism Read Article

The secular conundrum in Bangladesh

In the interest of realpolitik, Bangladesh government is appeasing religious forces rather than enabling secular ideas of the constitution Read Article

What to make of the Trump win?

Trump is bound to come to terms with reality because it?s impossible for him to deliver exactly what he promised Read Article

Trump's Ascendancy: How did it happen?

Hillary was perceived as the establishment's favoured status quo candidate who won?t change anything for the working class Read Article