Amit Basole

Amit Basole

Amit Basole


Amit Basole is associate professor of Economics, School of Liberal Studies, Azim Premji University, Bangalore


Opinion: In terms of job creation, Union Budget has little to offer

Lowering taxes to create jobs will only work if some other key conditions are satisfied, for instance, firms need to see strong demand in the economy, particularly in the vast rural sector. Read Article

Opinion: Few jobs, rural hardship, weak investment weak spots of Union Budget

Rural distress, lack of jobs, and weak private investment are the three issues requiring immediate fiscal attention from the government. Read Article

Opinion: Did Demonetisation and GST create jobs in 2017?

2017 will be known more as a year of confusion and backpedaling on promises of employment to the millions of youth who enter the labour market each year. Read Article

Opinion: Is Gujarat's industrial performance spectacular?

Development in Gujarat has benefited capitalists more than common people. Read Article

Opinion: Deconstructing development in Gujarat

Gujarat is a relatively well-off, industrial state but suffers from poor sex ratio and a low participation of women in the paid workforce. Read Article

Poverty in India: Measurement and eradication

Job creation and providing basic services like healthcare, education will tackle poverty in India Read Article

A different Gandhian legacy: Shankar Guha Niyogi

Environmental, social, and economic concerns are thoroughly interwoven in Gandhi and so they were in Niyogi. He led the Chhattisgarh Mukti Morcha and… Read Article

After 70 years Independence, Indian economy remains dominated by the informal sector

Though India has barely made the shift to big industries, the informal businesses are failing to prosper because of intense competition and a weak… Read Article

Let us not make job creation in India a number game

Even jobs in which workers qualify for various benefits are often precarious, hazardous, or otherwise prone to malpractices Read Article

Indian farmers are dying from abysmally low wages

Selling at the price being offered at the local mandi is the only option for the farmer Read Article

Jobless growth plagues India

Under the present set of policies (whether BJP or UPA) universal employment is impossible Read Article

Why is India's growth not creating more jobs?

How can GDP grow without job creation? The increasing use of machines in production is one crucial reason. ||If strong demand was assured and infrastructure streamlined, then labour laws would be…

Read Article

Jobless growth plagues India

While GDP grows at some of the fastest rates seen across the world, the number of people who are able to enjoy a good life increase at a much much… Read Article

Minimum wage: wage subsidy is the solution to income disparity

The official minimum wage in India is not a living wage, particularly, for the informal sector Read Article