World's largest all-electric plane soars in the air for the first time

An all electric nine-seater plane, named Cessna Caravan, took its first flight on Thursday over Washington. The plane took a test flight for nearly 30 minutes. Instead of a gas-powered turbine engine, the plane runs by electricity.

Largest all-electric plane

The world’s largest all-electric aircraft flew for the first time on Friday in Washington.


Cessna Caravan

Known as Cessna Caravan, the aircraft is fitted with an electric engine and can accommodate nine passengers.




Collaboration of two companies

Two aviation companies were behind the airplane’s 30-minute-long flight at Moses Lake. MagniX, a startup based in Redmond, designed the light electric motor and AeroTEC, a Seattle-based aerospace engineering and certification company, modified the airplane.


A flying test bed

“Yeah, I couldn’t fit a person in that aircraft. There was not even an attempt to put the batteries in a more convenient place,” said MagniX CEO Roei Ganzarski. “This specific eCaravan was designed as a flying test bed.”


We are ready!

magniX tweeted "We are ready! Tomorrow, Thursday, 8am pacific. Join us for the most electrifying event on aviation!" through their official Twitter account on May 28.


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