'World is on fire': Australian school children skip school to protest against climate change

While the Australian government claims the new projects are for the betterment of locals, Australian schoolchildren have taken to the streets to voice their opinion on climate change

Fridays for climate

School children in Australia skipped their classes on Friday to raise their voices against the alarming climate change. The climate change strike was held nationwide in various events held in Perth, Brisbane and nearly 47 other venues.


New project, old problem

The strike came as the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, announced hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayers money will be used to construct a new gas-fired power station near Sydney.


‘Did it for people’

Morrison has defended his action by claiming it to be a way of generating employment and decrease electricity prices. “It's going to bring with it some 600 new jobs during peak construction there and 1,200 indirect jobs across the state,” he said. “Importantly, it's going to keep the pressure down on electricity prices across New South Wales.”


For future

With placards reading messages such as ‘Coal is history’ and ‘Fund our future’, thousands of students and parents marched through the streets.


Greta approves

The Swedish climate activist lent her support to the Australian schoolchildren. “Huge climate strikes today across Australia," she tweeted. "Soon the rest of the world will join in..”


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