We come in peace: Belarusian women dressed in white protest against corrupt leadership

'Free Belarus' was one of the most common slogan raised by Belarusian women who took to Minsk streets dressed in white

Turning up with a crowd

Thousands of protestors, mainly women, took to the streets of Minsk, capital city of Belarus, to protest against the re-election of President Alexander Lukashenko.


Women power

The protestors were mainly women, on August 16, who dressed in white to signify that they are carrying out peaceful protests.


'Solidarity change'

The attendees formed an almost two-mile long chain while holding a white ribbon, cheering on one of Minsk's main avenues. People who could not be there to participate honked while passing by in their cars, to show support.


A long walk

The protestors walked throughout the city in groups chanting their message and asking the government to reconsider its decisions.


Smile for enemy

With smiles on their faces and determination in heart, the protests were largely peaceful. Protestors held placards with anti-corruption slogans, sang, performed poetry and chanted slogans.


Balcony heroes

When the local police forced people to disperse, protestors took to their own balconies. People came out holding placards and chanted slogans against the President in unison from their own balconies.


Belarusian expats in Romania show solidarity

Belarusian expats in Romania also joined the protests dressed in white and with balloons in the colors of their country to show solidarity with the Belarusian protests.



Dressed in white, women in Poland, too, showed support and formed human chain while holding placards and chanting slogans.


Czech Republic

Woman in Czech Republic holding a placard with the name of a dead Belarusian protestor. 


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