US election result 2020: Joe Biden becomes President-elect; America celebrates

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris inch closer to the White House, defeating Donald Trump and Mike Pence

New resident

After winning the state of Pennsylvania, Joe Biden became the President-elect of the United States with his running mate Kamal Harris being crowned as the first Black and South Asian Vice President-elect of the country.


'We did it'

As soon as the announcement was made by various US networks, people took to streets to celebrate a historical win.


'God blessed America'

People danced their heart out and chanted slogans such as 'God blessed America' and 'Biden in the house' after the President-elect made it official through his Twitter bio.


'Did it for snap'

People flooded social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat with photo ops of the celebrations in their local neighbourhoods.


Con man?

Anti-Trump protestors were seen with catchy slogans and funny posters to celebrate Donald Trump's defeat in the US election.


It's time!

People embrace as they celebrate at Times Square in New York after Joe Biden was declared winner


Rise high

Supporters of President-elect Joe Biden celebrate his victory in Wilmington, Delaware by getting balloons with the future President and Vice President's pictures.


Rain of happiness

Supporters of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris dance in the rain as they celebrate outside of Vaughan's Lounge in New Orleans, Louisiana.


Special screening

Biden's supporters organised special screenings to watch the coverage of vote count. The screenings became a celebratory gathering after Biden's victory was announced.


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