'The Beast' set to ride Indian roadways upon Trump's visit

 | Updated: Feb 21, 2020, 07:36 PM IST

The 45th US President Donald Trump is coming to visit India, and he's bringing with him the Presidential State car known by many as "The Beast"

Let's take a closer look at what earned this mean machine such a fearsome title:

History of the Beast

First debuted in 2018, the car worth $1.5 million and weighing more than 9,000 kilograms is also known as the Cadillac One, First Car and stagecoach.


Efficiency and grace

With a seating capacity of seven, the Cadillac One has a sleek design made from the highest quality of steel, aluminium and ceramic armour.

The walls are 20 centimetres thick and the windows are 12 centimetres thick, making it almost impossible for any projectile to hit the occupants while the windows are rolled up.


Military-grade defences

Though it never has been witnessed in action, the Beast is said to carry an arsenal of weapons and provisions to escape any hostile situation. 

Not only is it designed to resist bullets and blasts, but the wheels are slightly larger to shield secondary tires which are designed to aid locomotion if the wheels are damaged.


Interior design of the Beast

The Cadillac One has seen subtle changes in terms of interior design with the advent of time and technology, and the current provisions are reportedly a secure oxygen system, a range of medical supplies and a fridge full of the current President's blood type. 


Futuristic features

Resistance to physical and chemical attacks as well as night vision systems may seem standard-issue, but it is the electrified door handles and the ability to create smokescreens and throw tear gas that makes the beast seem incredulously futuristic.