Tackling traffic! Four Indian cities among top 10 world's most congested

 | Updated: Jan 29, 2020, 07:59 PM IST

A recently published report by location technology and consumer electronics giant, TomTom, ranks cities on the level of traffic congestion.

Let's look at the Indian cities that made it into the top of the list:

IIM Bangalore

As per the data, Bengaluru was stuck in the top spot with a congestion level of 71 per cent. Rush hours in the morning peaked on Wednesdays and lowered on Fridays. 



Manila, Philippines

Manila stood second on the list. The capital of the Philippines had a similar congestion level as Bengaluru at 71 per cent, but the morning and evening rush hours were on a different level.

Rush hours in the morning peaked on Tuesday and were significantly lower on Fridays. Columbia's Bogota closely followed Manila at number 3. The highest increase in congestion levels in the top 10 cities was registered at 5 per cent which was observed in Bogota with a congestion level of 68 per cent.



At number four came another Indian city and nation's financial capital - Mumbai. The city witnessed ith a congestion level of 65 per cent.

Rush hours in the morning peaked on Wednesdays and were slightly lower on Mondays. Evening rush hours rose on Fridays and were at their lowest on Mondays.

(Photograph:Zee News Network)


Pune closely followed Mumbai to rank fifth on the index. The city seems fairly less crowded than Mumbai with congestion reaching only 59 per cent.

Rush hours in the morning were at their highest on Mondays and Wednesdays, tapering off as the weekend approached. Evening rush rose from Monday to Wednesday and peaked on Fridays.


(Photograph:Zee News Network)

Moscow, Russia

Russia's Moscow stood on the sixth spot and also saw the second-highest increase in congestion among top 10 cities at 3 per cent. The city observed 59 per cent of congestion.

The city of Lima in Peru was ranked 7th with 57 per cent congestion, despite having 1 per cent less traffic in the city since last year.


Delhi, India

Delhi was designated the 8th spot after Russia's Moscow and Peru's Lima at the sixth and the seventh spot respectively. 

The national capital witnessed a congestion level of 56 per cent - a dip of 2 per cent since 2019.

(Photograph:Zee News Network)