Storm Ciara disrupts life in Europe

Storm Ciara has swept over northwest Europe packing powerful winds. It is one of the region's most violent storms for years.

The various spheres that have been adversely affected by the storm are as follows:

Flights cancelled

Several flights all across the European continent have been either been delayed or cancelled due to the storm.

This includes Irish airline Aer Lingus and around sixty flights departing or arriving at Brussels Airport.


Buildings collapsed

Several buildings collapsed all across Europe under the immense pressure of the storm. Some of them got immersed in the flood caused by the gusts of winds.



Germany's rail operator Deutsche Bahn halted long-distance train services in many parts of northwestern Germany because of disruptions caused by Storm Ciara.



Manchester City's Premier League clash with West Ham was among the more high profile events called off as howling winds disrupted the match.

Top tier football matches in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and England were also called off as 140kmph gusts were recorded.


Electricity outage

The storm has left swatches of Europe without power after unleashing torrential rain and causing flash flooding.

Residents all across the continent are experiencing power outages.

The power to 130,000 homes in northern France has been cut-off.