Social dis-dancing: Dutch people go clubbing post-coronavirus

From chair's as their dancing partners, to a cold beverage in hand -- clubbers at Doornroosje in the eastern city of Nijmege resumed partying after fighting a battle with coronavirus.

When the lights went down and the sound came up, almost everything fell into place, and people embraced the new clubbing environment.

Social distancing is priority

Dutch youth hit the club on Saturday in one of the country's first attempts to resume night life after the coronavirus outbreak, with social distancing rules still in place.


Afternoon jamming

Clubbers at Doornroosje in the eastern city of Nijmegen booked ahead of time to enjoy short sets of electronic dance music in the afternoon, rather than around midnight, as they used to. 


Chair as dancing partner

During the show, the attendees were strictly restricted to chairs.


No standing...yet

Promoter Jonatan Brand said the original plan had been to have the guests dance while standing in place 1.5 meters (5 feet) apart. But local authorities said they had to sit in chairs, at least for now.


Not sold out, but available online

Shows did not sell out, and the event was also streamed online. "It's nice to play actually on a loud volume again, to see some familiar faces," said DJ Davy Brandts.


Maximum capacity of 30

A maximum of 30 guests were allowed in the building at a time. The club plans to expand to 100 in July. The cover charge was 10 euros, including a drink.


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