Skii-lful evening: Putin and Lukashenko go skiing to discuss important matters

After almost a year of constant anti-government protests at home, the Russian and Belarus leader decided to leave their worries behind and skii their tensions away

Buddy up

Russia's President, Vladimir Putin, and Belarus' President, Alexander Lukashenko, went on a skiing trip together.


Vroom away!

The two leaders also wrote snowmobiles after their meeting in Sochi on February 22, 2021.


Friend in need

During the trip, Lukashenko thanked Putin for providing a $1.5 billion loan last September to his country when he was facing mass protests last year.


Work hard, play hard

The two leaders first discussed important matters in the meeting for nearly an hour, and then went skiing, later retiring to a dinner gathering.


Violence at home, smiles in field

This meeting and the trip has come after Lukashenko has had to deal with anti-government protests back home, which were responded to with violent crackdown by the leader.


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