Retail therapy: Britishers decide 'Primark is a priority' through long queues

As the British retail stores opened up today, the UK's famous retail store Primark turned out to be locals's favourite as long queues were spotted outside several branches in the country. In some areas, people were spotted queuing up from early morning.

Long queues

People queued up outside various branches of the UK's famous retail Primark store, after the branch's reopening amid the coronavirus disease.


Santizing is a priority

Primark staff urged the shoppers to sanitize their hands upon entering the stores and discouraged physical touching of products.


Limited capacity only

Shoppers had to stand at a distance in long queues as all stores had a maximum allowed capacity, set according to the size of the store. Primark has also closed trial rooms.


Face masks were compulsory

Shoppers were urged to wear face masks; some branches denied entry to people who showed up without face masks.

It has also been decided that all the return items will be kept and sanitized in the store for 48 hours before being put up on the shelf again.


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