Restaurants come up with creative ways of coping with COVID-19

As the world is overcoming COVID-19, many countries are now opening their shops, restaurants and other entertainment venues to revive their economy.

Restaurants are now coming up with new and innovative ways of giving their customers a unique dining experience, while making sure that all guidelines of social distancing are maintained.

Here's a look at some of the unique ways restaurants are battling this challenge.

Mannequins to the rescue

Mannequins have been placed at tables in a bar in Austria to help customers maintain social distance. Austria, recently, reopened all cafe and restaurants.


Waiters don face shields

A waiter wears a face shield as he serves customers at the Cafe Prueckel in Vienna. All customers have also been advised to wear masks.


Intimate cocoons

A Dutch restaurant called Mediamatic ETEN has come up with an idea on how to offer classy outdoor dining in the age of coronavirus: small glass cabins built for two or three people, creating intimate cocoons on a public patio.


Through the glass partitions

Spanish restaurants and cafes have installed glass partitions on the table to help the diners converse while maintaining safe distance.


Masks and gloves are now compuslory

Customers can get their take away meal at the restaurant of French chef Christopher Coutanceau, where wearing masks and gloves is compulsory. 


Eating through plastic partitions

People eat in between plastic partitions, set up in an effort to contain any spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, at Penguin Eat Shabu hotpot restaurant in Bangkok 


Teaching kids to sanitize hands

In Japan, hand sanitizers have been made available at every possible public place. Restaurants are providing hand sanitizers at the entrance, even for takeaway orders.


Placing orders from afar

Customers are now placing and picking up orders from behind a plexiglas screen in Washington, US. USA has been one of the worst-hit countries by coronavirus.


Home deliveries are saving businesses

While Thailand's economy has seen an immense downfall, restaurants have been able to attract customers by assuring safety and hygiene. A high-end Thai restaurant At-Ta-Rote are packaging orders by making sure the employees use proper gloves and face shields. The orders are mainly being delivered by White Glove Delivery, a luxury food delivery service, in Bangkok.


Restaurants to maintain social distancing

A diner eats next to a seat with a notice for customers to keep their distance from each other in a fast food restaurant in Tokyo.


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