Remembering Arun Jaitley: Man who steered country's landmark economic reforms

Former finance minister Arun Jaitley was known to have initiated landmark reforms in the economic framework of the country. He passed away after a prolonged illness on August 24. Here's taking a quick look at his life as an economic reformer of the Modi cabinet.

Implementation of GST 

As Finance Minister in the first tenure of the Modi government, Jaitley oversaw implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST), a major tax reform that had huge electoral implications.

He was also behind the implementation of bankruptcy code.


Demonetisation move

The sensitive decision of demonetisation was also taken by the Modi government while he presided over the ministry. Despite best efforts of the opposition to portray demonetisation as "anti-people" and implementation of GST as "flawed", Jaitley and other BJP leaders ensured the ruling alliance did not lose the political narrative and brought about correctives based on the feedback from the ground.


Key force among middle class

Articulate, knowledgeable and versatile - Arun Jaitley was BJP's man for all seasons and contributed immensely to the party's emergence as a key force among the middle class.


GST: 'New journey for India'

"The Goods and Services Tax may be a destination tax, but for India, it will begin an altogether new journey," Jaitley had said. 


Firebrand economic reformer 

In his heart, Jaitley harboured the desire to bolster the country's economy. He believed that with the implementation of GST, inflation will be in check and the country's GDP will benefit.