Not so merry! When Christmas festivities turn into 'protests'

From natives of Hong Kong demonstrating against their government to the citizens of India protesting the new citizenship law, Christmas 2019 saw protests across many parts of the globe. 

Hong Kong

As Hong Kong geared up for the Christmas celebration, the demonstrators planned for a gathering in prime shopping malls and a 'slient night' rally which turned out to be chaotic. 

The police used pepper sprays and tear gases over the mob of thousands, many of them wearing masks and reindeer horn, to disperse the anti-government protests. 


India against the new citizenship law!

At least 20 rallies in support or against the new citizenship law since its inception were scheduled and engulfed in different parts of India with protesters from both sides canvassing on social media to get people out over Christmas and the New Year.

An interior ministry official said that the governement expected all the security officials to be on duty even on the Christmas Eve and through the entire holiday week. 



Santa protesting in Lebanon!

Another anti-government protest that led many people pace the streets posing as Santa Claus wearing hats and ringing bells in Lebanon.

This Lebanese protester is one among many who is dressed as Santa Claus and rings a bell during ongoing anti-government protests in downtown Beirut. 

Members of a Lebanese water sports club also dressed as Santa Claus, waving national flags and holding cardboard cut-outs of a clenched fist reading “Revolution” to show support to ongoing anti-government protests as they water-ski in the bay of Jounieh north of the capital.


Miniature coffins at Tahrir Square

A religious shrine with miniature coffins representing killed demonstrators was ornated with a Christmas tree in the Iraqi capital's Tahrir Square.

Since October 1, Iraq's capital and its Shiite-majority south have been gripped by rallies and demonstrations against corruption, poor public services, lack of jobs and Iran's perceived political interference.

The Irani Christians pray for peace during Christmas mass in Baghdad.


Political Lyrics induced in Santa Songs

Supporters of US President Donald Trump sang Christmas songs adapted with political lyrics at Union Station in Washington, DC on Wednesday, showing their disagreement towards the impeachment of the US President.