Queen's collections: Masterpieces from Buckingham Palace put on display amid renovations

The famous art pieces from the picture gallery of the Buckingham Palace have been put on display for the first time in decades

Judith With The Head Of Holofernes

The UK's Royal Family has, for the first time in 44 years, emptied out the picture gallery of the Buckingham Palace to start renovations in the area. The art piece in the photo is "Judith With The Head Of Holofernes" by Cristofano Allori.


Jacob Peeling The Rods

The gallery was first constructed and decorated by George IV in the 1820s. However, nobody has ever fully emptied out this room since it was last decorated in 1976. Art piece in the picture is "Jacob Peeling The Rods" by Guido Cagnacci.


65 invaluable paintings

Covered with protective floorings, the gallery was taken over by art handlers who took down nearly 65 invaluable paintings from some of the most famous artists. The handlers had to use scaffolding and ladders to get access to the paintings stuck on heights of the walls


Christ Healing The Paralytic

The exhibition started on December 04 and will continue till January 2022. Royal palace has been undergoing renovations from April 2017, and the officials are expecting it to be over by the year 2027. The overall cost involved in this process is nearly £369m. Art piece in the picture is "Christ Healing The Paralytic" by Anthony van Dyck.


A 200-year-old roof

While the art pieces have been put on display, the famous gallery will see renovations after 44 years, which will include replacement of 200-year-old roof, removal of old pipes, wires and a new lift will be installed to help the visitors have friendly visitor accessibility.


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