Portuguese return to beaches on first state-sanctioned weekend

Updated: May 23, 2020, 11:24 PM(IST)

As Portugal started the process of easing down the two-month long lockdown, people were seen flocking to the beaches to enjoy the pleasant weather. This was the first state-sanctioned weekend that people get to spend on the beaches.

First state-sanctioned beach weekend

 Portuguese flocked to the ocean in as they got their first state-sanctioned beach weekend of the year.


Confusion over orders

Prime Minister Antonio Costa, few days earlier, announced that beaches will be open from June 6. However, two days later, a government statement was issued allowing people to enjoy the becahes from May third week.


Relief from heat

People welcomed this announcement as the rising temperatures were making them miss the pleasant beaches.


An app to be launched soon

A smartphone app due to be in operation from June 6 is supposed to help avoid crowding by warning which bathing spots are full. In the meantime people are anticipating crowds.


A risky move

While people were happy to return to the beaches, some of them were also worried that this might increase in the number of positive coronavirus cases.


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