Portland observes peaceful protests as feds take a step back

Updated: Aug 01, 2020, 10:39 AM(IST)

After more than 60 days of violent protests, Portland finally saw peaceful protests without tear gas and no arrests as the federal agents took a step back and let the local police handle the situation. After months of violent reports, here are some pictures from a peaceful protest.

Silent protests

As the federal agents took a back step, there were no clashes between the local police officials and protestors.


On stand-by

Federal law enforcement officers were on stand-by, though. In this picture, the agents can be seen at a garage door after a vehicle left the Justice Center facility in Portland.


Against racial inequality

The protestors have been staging demonstrations against racial inequality and police violence in the state of Oregon since after the death of George Floyd.


Weapons dropped

Piles of umbrellas attached with Lacrosse sticks were seen on the ground instead of protestors holding them to protect themselves.


No arrests

This was the first time in more than 60 days when no arrests were made and no tear gas was used on the protestors.


Trump's criticism failed

The peaceful protests took place hours after Donald Trump criticised Oregon Governor for not being able to handle the situation 'properly'.


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