Poland assemble: Warsaw residents organise biggest protest against abortion rules

Locals of Warsaw brought out creative posters and amplified their fight against the recent rules passed for abortion freedom

'Streets are our home'

Residents of Warsaw took to streets to protest against the near-total ban on abortion. The streets were taken over by tens of thousands of protestors who claimed the streets will be their home till the government reverses the rule against abortion rights.


'God is a woman'

Protestors carried various banners and placards reading different slogans such as "I think, I feel, I decide", "God is a woman" and so on


Extra security

Military police lined the streets, some of in riot gear, as the demonstration began.


Largest gathering

As per reports, the city of Warsaw saw around 100,000 people in the protests on Friday, making it one of the largest protest gatherings in years


Poland assemble

One of the most famous slogan and symbol that emerged in these protests was of a lightning with the message 'Poland assemble', referring to the Avengers force.


Lightning fast

A commuter train was also painted with the symbol of a red lightning, representing the residents' protest against the abortion laws.


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