Pictures: Amid Omicron fear, Indian streets were seen packed with crowd on Christmas

 | Updated: Dec 26, 2021, 02:50 PM IST

India has so far recorded 422 cases of the Omicron variant. However, despite the increasing number of cases, Indians continued to celebrate Christmas. Scroll below for images 

Kolkata celebrates Christmas

Even after a surge in Omicron cases in India, huge crowds were seen on the streets as people celebrated Christmas all across the country. Kolkata, which is also termed as the city of joy, celebrated Christmas just like the pre-pandemic days, with people roaming around without any sense of fear. This comes even after the doctors have warned of another wave of the deadly coronavirus. 


Over 6,000 new cases recorded post Christmas

Park Street, which happens to be the home of Christmas celebrations in Kolkata, was seen decorated with lights all around as massive crowds flocked the area. As of December 26, a total of 422 cases of the Omicron variant has been registered. These cases have come in 17 states and union territories so far. Around 130 of these patients have already recovered, as per union health ministry data, which was updated on Sunday.   

Just after Christmas, 6,987 new Covid cases were recorded in 24 hours. The total number of cases in India has risen to 3,47,86,802.


Parts of Maharashtra decked up

The highest number of Omicron cases have been recorded in Maharashtra. Even after a total of 108 Omicron cases so far, parts of the state was seen adorned with lights and Christmas decor. After Maharashtra, Delhi has registered 79 cases, Gujarat 43, Telangana 41, Kerala 38, Tamil Nadu 34 and Karnataka 31.  


Cases surge in Delhi but celebrations continue

Even after the government had restricted celebrations in the Indian capital, Delhi, people were seen crowding the streets on the occasion of Christmas. This came in after Delhi recorded highest single-day spike since June 13, as it registered 249 new Covid cases on Saturday.  

One death was also reported.



Bike rally in Bangalore

In Bangalore, over 100 bikers dressed in Santa Claus costumes and participated in a rally for Christmas, despite an increase in cases. The participants rode through the city. Apart from this, the city donned a sparkly look as churches and streets were glowing with beautiful lights and decor.