Pics: To spread awareness, Covid-inspired murals created in this Indian city

Updated: Jan 29, 2022, 06:45 PM(IST)

In a bid to spread awareness, Indian city Mumbai has created Covid-inspired murals. 

Mumbai, which is located in Maharashtra state, saw a surge of cases as the Omicron variant swept across the nation. Scroll below for images 

Mural depicts coronavirus

In the above image, a pedestrian can be seen walking past a wall mural depicting the coronavirus. The mural has been made in the Indian city Mumbai to spread awareness among people. 

Mumbai, which is located in Maharashtra state, saw a surge of cases as the Omicron variant swept across the nation. 


Cases decline

The above image shows a mural depicting health workers wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) suits. As per reports by BMC, Mumbai on Friday reported 1,312 new coronavirus infections and ten fatalities. New cases declined for the tenth day straight. 


Wearing face masks to prevent Covid

The above mural shows people wearing face masks to prevent the spread of the highly contagious Omicron variant. This comes as a move to spread awareness and motivate people to wear masks when outdoors. 

Earlier, the Maharashtra government had imposed certain restrictions to curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus. However, as cases are dipping now, restrictions have been eased in the region. 

Wearing masks is still mandatory. 


Case of black fungus detected

As cases surged, a 70-year-old Indian man was diagnosed with the black fungus, or mucormycosis, at Wockhardt hospital in Mumbai Central. According to the hospital, the patient tested positive for Covid on January 5, after which he was taken to Wockhardt Hospital on January 12 with a complaint of weakness and blood sugar levels of 532, with urine ketones present. 



Positivity rate increases

Even after a decline in cases, the city's positivity rate, increased to 4.47 per cent from 3.32 per cent. As per BMC officials, this was due to a decrease in the number of tests.

Official figures state that only 27,720 Covid tests were carried out on Friday against 42,570 the previous day.


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