Pics: Local tourists return after being stuck in deadly snowstorm in Pakistan; Over 20 people killed

At least 22 people were killed after a deadly snowstorm hit a hill station in Pakistan. Rescue workers were deployed immediately 

Tourists return

Local tourists return from Murree, located on the outskirts of Islamabad after a blizzard caused enormous traffic jam, trapping hundreds of people. As per police, as many as 500 families had been stranded after tourists rushed to view the winter snowfall on the hilltop.


Soldiers block streets

Soldiers block a street leading to toward the tourist resort Murree. At least 22 people have been killed, including two families of eight and five people. The federal government of the country called in the army and other civil-armed forces for rescue operations.  


People placed in shelters

All those who managed to survive after being trapped in their vehicles are now said to be safe. Many people have been placed in shelters set up in the resort town. There have been reports of shortages on gas and water supplies in the area. However, local residents and restaurants are helping with accommodation and food. 


'It was unprecedented'

Tariq Ullah, an official of a town nearby, while speaking to AFP said, "It was not snow, and not even heavy snow, it was unprecedented. There were strong winds, uprooted trees, avalanches. People around were terrified."



Pak PM 'shocked and upset'

Prime Minister Imran Khan said he was "shocked and upset at tragic deaths" of the tourists. He further highlighted that the snowfall and the "rush of people proceeding without checking weather conditions caught district admin unprepared".


Images and videos on social media

Various images and videos which have emerged on social media show cars trapped bumper to bumper as they are covered with snow. As per the police, at least six had frozen to death in their cars.

Asphyxiation is one of another possible reasons as many people inhaled fumes while trying to keep warm in their vehicles.


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