Paris attack: Locals gather to pray for the decapitated Parisian teacher

After a teacher was decapitated near a school in Paris, hundreds of people gathered around the school to pay their respects 

A tragedy

Locals flocked to the school where a teacher was beheaded after he had shown his pupils some cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed as part of a class discussion on freedom of expression.


Teachers unite

Some teachers, too, showed up outside the school with placards reading, "I am a teacher and I will continue to teach the freedom of speech"


Flowers for the dead

People came out with flowers and personal possessions that they placed near the entrance of the school and the spot where the victim was killed. People also brought national flags.


Secured area

Even though the demonstrations were peaceful, the area was secured by the local police to make sure nobody faced any issues while paying their respect.


Education minister

French Education, Youth and Sports Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer spoke to the media to provide updates about the investigation.


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