Paint, tomatoes and eggs — Thailand marches to demand release of Penguin

Supporters of Parit Chiwarak took to streets with paint, tomatoes and eggs to demand his immediate release

For Penguin!

Thailand's youngsters took to streets to demand release of the famous student activist, Parit Chiwarak, widely known as Penguin, who has been charged against the defamation laws.



Hundreds of demonstrators gathered infront of Bangkok's Criminal Court and chanted pro-democracy slogans and waved the three-finger salute to demand release of Penguin and other activists.


Red means war!

Demonstrators sloshed red paint all over the court's entrance, where they had plastered posters of the judge who protesters believed had denied Penguin's bail.


Rotten tomatoes

Protesters also hurled eggs and tomatoes into the compound labelling it as a metaphor for 'the rotten democracy of the country'


On guard!

As the demonstrations continued, the local police stood guard with plastic riot shields.


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